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Hotel Disposables Machine

Nonwoven Machine KYD-N008
Nonwoven Machine KYD-N008
The N95 automatic mask machine is designed to automatically manufacture disposable masks. This automatic machine of N95 masks performs the complete process automatically, including the soldier of the fastening to the nose, the ultrasonic welding of the band and the final discharge of the finished product....
Spunlace Handkerchief Machine KYD-N010
Spunlace Handkerchief Machine KYD-N010
The spunlace handkerchief machine is specially designed to manufacture handkerchiefs and spunlace towels, which are widely used in hotels. Our machine to manufacture spunlace handkerchiefs performs the whole process automatically, from the loading of materials to the exit of the finished product....
Disposable Glove Making Machine KYD-N011
Disposable Glove Making Machine KYD-N011
The disposable gloves manufacturing machine is an automatic machine designed to manufacture non-woven cleaning gloves. This machine for manufacturing disposable gloves automatically performs the entire process of feeding the material, printing, welding, forming and cutting, until the finished product is discharged....
Disposable Clothing Machine KYD-N020
Disposable Clothing Machine KYD-N020
The KYD-N020 Disposable Clothing Machine manufactures disposable underwear by ultrasonic welding. Only one operator is needed to supervise the operation. This machine for manufacturing disposable clothing incorporates PLC control and an imported motor in order to improve stability and decrease the failure rate....
We offer a wide variety of machines for disposable hotel products. These machines for hotel disposables are basically fully automated machines to improve their capacity and product quality.
Machine for manufacturing nonwoven insoles KYD-N008
Spunlace scarf machine KYD-N010
Disposable cleaning gloves machine KYD-N011
Disposable underwear machine KYD-N020

1. Our machine for disposable hotel products is designed with sensors that control every part of the production process, from the feeding of the product to the transportation of the finished product. If an abnormal circumstance occurs or materials are missing, the machine will automatically stop and the alarm will be activated. The specific problem will be shown on the touch screen, improving efficiency significantly, thus avoiding the need to manually check the reason for the failure.
2. Our team is composed of R + D professionals, always willing to offer our customers the most efficient solutions at the lowest cost.
3. We have created an electronic department and a CNC department. The electronic department is in charge of developing and manufacturing ultrasonic devices, and the CNC department is equipped with a large number of lathes and milling machines for a strict control of the quality of the products.
4. We give the utmost attention to technological innovation. We have obtained two patents for invention and more than ten utility models. We have also been awarded by the government in 2016 with the "National High-tech Enterprise" and the "Advanced Manufacturing Industry".

1. The entire structure of the machine for hotel disposables is made of a thickened aluminum alloy, with the top of anodized aluminum sheet, which has a longer service life than the common steel sheet.
2. The machine for disposable hotel products is equipped with a servo motor HUADA, leader in the sector, and a Taida PLC controller.
3. Emergency stop switches are designed to ensure the safety of operators.
4. The spunlace machine uses a radiator with a powerful turbofan to give it ultrasonic stability.
5. The spunlace machine uses two different colors in the ducts in order to facilitate its use by the operators.